Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Double Workout Day - Wednesday Sept 17.

The AM today was a Swim in Barton Springs. The morning weather was cool, low 60s, so I brought my wetsuit just in case.
I got a late start, and left the house about 6:20am. Got to Barton Springs, and to my starting area. I looked at the people swimming, and although it was cold, no one had a wet suit on. So, I put on my cap and goggles and waded into the pool. The constant temp of 67 degrees, felt really cold, and it takes me a while to get used to it. Even after I get my body wet, then my head, I still take about a lap, to heat up, and get my breathing under control.
First lap was warmup, then did 3 laps, or about 1200 m without stopping. The sun came up somtime around the second lap. One lap cool down, for 2000m. I was running late, and had to get home to get to a work meeting, so I cut the workout a little short.
One or two more swims, without a wetsuit, prior to Longhorn.

Spin Day - Tuesday Sept 16.

Today was indoor T3 spin. I hadn't done my core at home in the am, so I also did the 1/2 hour core workout before the spin. Their core workout is non-stop for 20-30 mins... when the studs in the class were asking for a break, I didn't feel too bad. Most of the exercises I've done at home, and the harder versions of a lot of them, so the exercises were that bad. The one I skipped was a lunge, then switch legs by jumping up.... too much of a knee strain.
We started the spin on time. I was right behind Laura, and Shawnda, so we chatted before the ride. I was next to Tom, who is a tall guy, but rides the same size bike I do. Tom likes to talk a lot, and joke around. But once we got started with the ride, everyone was all business today. Maybe it was because it was sooooo cool in the Performance Training Center (PTC). And because of the cool environment, the workout went fairly easy.
I went through one bottle of gatorade, and two bottles of water, and one candy bar. I took one electrolyte before the workout, and had no issues with cramping.
After the workout, I stretched for about 20 minutes. Maurice was supposed to talk about Winter training, but since most of the athletes were doing a half ironman in the next 2 months, he decided to just cover getting ready for your next race.
I left the bike at PTC for a Thursday morning workout.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brrrrr - Swim Practice, Monday Sept 15

Swim practice tonight at Lost Creek. The kiddos get done on time, so we get started on time! David, my son, is with me, and Chrissie puts him in the same lane. I get in the pool first, and brrrrrrr! Its fricken cold today! Heaters not turned on for the pool yet, so with the cool day, the pool drops in temp. Gotta start swimming quick!
Chrissie is the coach today, and she doesn't have copy of the workout. So, its a surprise. 15om warmup, 4 x 150 drills.
In my lane is David, Ivonne, Laura, and Travis. Busy lane tonight. After warmup, starts the workout. 3 x 200m, decreasing times! Travis and Laura are the fastest and I go third. I can never keep up with the swimmers in my lane, but I don't fall far behind. David and Ivonne are behind me.
After the 200s, is a 500m Swim with fins. Ivonne takes off and I follow behind her. David struggles with cramps.
Next set is 6 x 100m decreasing times. The fast ones take off, Laura and Travis. Then Ivonne and me. David is just trying to get by the cramps and keep up. Chrissie tells me to increase my turnover of my arms, while keeping the long stroke. It finally clicks what I need to do, and it helps. The last 100, I finally get to 1:50.
After the 100s, is a 500m with paddles and buoy. My specialty, so I take off. Ivonne is right behind me, and then the swimmers. I lap everyone except Ivonne, and she stops a 50 short because she is freezing cold.
I swim an 50 cooldown, and felt pretty good afterward. David is trying to figure out why he's cramping, but its deja vu, as I went through the same thing when I started.
3000m total.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm not a distance runner! Sunday, Sept 16

Today's workout was 14 miles on the trail.... 2 x 7 mile loops. I got an early start, ,while it was still dark, and the parking lot pretty empty.. around 6:45. I had two water bottles on my belt, 5 Gu's, lots of endurolytes, and my ipod.
I took off running on the north side of the river. My legs had been tired all week, so I kept saying go slow! It was dark, so I left the glasses on top of my head and headed out. There were only a few runners on the trail so it was nice and relaxing. I caught a few bugs, in my eyes, in my mouth (ugh, too early for protein). I decided that at my first stop (2 1/2 miles), I'd put the sunglasses on. I warmed up, and the legs felt ok as I stopped at 2 1/2 miles for Gu, and water. Took about 90 secs, and off again. Next stop was 1st street water stop, or at 5 miles. I didn't bother to stop for their water, and instead used my last bottle, for Gu, and electrolytes. Still feeling ok, and going at about a 9 - 9:15 pace. Two miles left for the first leg, and I kept it at a nice easy pace.
As I neared bridge, I started seeing familiar faces. Shawnda was running, although she said she wasn't feeling all that well. I saw Travis zoom past me, as well as the fast T3ers. When I got to Austin High, I refilled my water bottles, drank 4 or more cups of water, and Gu'd up again. Still feeling ok.
Second lap I decided to head the opposite direction, so I headed off across the bridge to the South side. As I got off the bridge, I heard footsteps behind me, and my legs decided to go faster. It was comfortable, so I kept it up for a while. I figured I'd see how long it would last. Well, it only lasted one mile, but that mile was 8:15. Too fast for me. I slowed at the end of the mile, and took it easy until the water stop at 1st st bridge. As I was about to stop for water, I ran into Shawnda again, and said hey!
As I was leaving the water stop, I had an unusual feeling in my stomach, and decided to make this a bathroom stop. I never have to stop when I workout, so this was unusual. Two bathrooms, and 4 guys waiting. We were using both men and women's bathroooms! Whew!
I headed out again, and ran into another old buddy, George Barczak, from a Rouge training class 5 years ago. We gave high fives as we passed each other. Also saw the fast T3ers passing again.
And before I left the trail, I ran into Carolyn Mangold... always smiling, and she said hi.
I'm on mile 10, headed up the Riverside Hill. Ugh... decided to walk, but then only a few seconds, and jogged up the hill. Whoopee! On the second loop, I decided to stop for Gu every 2 miles, so, I was gearing for about a 1/2 mile after I got back on the trail. I just made it, to 11 miles, and time for Gu and water. My legs were not pretty spent.
I was able to get another mile in, easy, and passed Chrissie... and her very tight form, as she was running in the opposite direction. But that was it for me, and the last two miles were walk/jog in. My hamstrings were starting to cramp again, so I'd jog until they were about to cramp. I also was fighting cramps in my arms too.
I was happy to finish 14 miles, but I knew that I still have a long way to go, to get strong enough to do these long runs. Oh, marathon training is going to be hard!
When I got home, Dee had my bath ready, and I dumped the two bags of ice in it. I got in, and it was as cold as I've ever had. But it does wonders for the muscles. After my bath, and shower, I went and got my 14 inch Delaware sub. Yum...great recovery sandwich. Time for my recovery NAP!
When I woke up, Dee came home and asked how I was doing. I told her I was still fight cramps! So Dr Dee got the electrolytes, Gatorade, and water. Shortly thereafter, no more cramping. The muscles all calmed down!
Lesson learned! Take more electrolytes. I probably need one every 30 to 45 minutes, minimum!
Easier week ahead, but I need to continue getting in mileage..

Threat of Ike chases us Indoors - Saturday Sept 13

Saturday's workout was supposed to be 70 miles. But given Ike was on its way, we moved the ride indoors at TPC. So, 70 miles translated to 3 1/2 hours on the trainer... I had left my road bike there from Thursday, so I didn't have to hassle with it in the morning getting ready. Dee was already out on the road with her 20 mile run, by the time I left for TPC (7am).
I got there a few minutes before 7:30, and although the parking lot wasn't full, when I drove in, I saw a swarm of bikes/riders just entering the building. I knew I was late, and would have to setup in the back, with an not so good trainer.
I unloaded the car, my stuff, my drinks (two Endurance/electrolyte bottles, 1 gatorade bottle, 1 water bottle, and my recovery drink. When I got inside, Chrissie pointed out a trainer I could take (T3 has about 30-40 trainers they bought, plus there are about 15-20 trainers from T3ers). I setup in the back fairly quickly, so I was on my bike at 7:45 pedaling. There was a guy next to me, Tom, whom I hadn't met before, but we started chatting quickly.
On weekend spins, the coaches usually play movies to make the time pass. So, the first movie of the day was Wedding Crashers. I'd seen it several times before, but still enjoyed watching it again. Also, Chrissie passed out a 2 hour workout, to help pass the boredom. She handed it me, but I told her I couldn't read the small type. She went back and enlarged the print, and gave it back to me. All the workouts were in plastic covers to stay dry.
So, between the movie, the workout, and the conversation with Tom, the first two hours passed very quickly. I took a quick break after the movie, getting a banana, and refilling my water. Every hour I made sure I drank at least a bottle of fluids and took a Gu or candybar. If I was drinking Gatorade or water, I also took an Endurolyte.
Back on the bike for the last 1 1/2 hours. Next movie was the Hawaii Kona Ironman 2006 Championship, when Desiree Ficker came in second. Very moving movie, as they show the pros and the human interest story. One of the stories was about someone with ALS, whom completed the Ironman the year before, but this year he came to watch someone from another part of the country who was racing for him! And ALS! My brother Ken, died from ALS, at 26 years old, so it was an emotional scene.
Tom and I talked some more about races we'd done, and were planning on doing. That helped passed the time. We were at 2 3/4 hours, when the seat was getting uncomfortable. We were adjusting our position, aero bars, handle bars, straight up, nearly every minute. We hit 3 hours, and Tom was getting off. I wanted to finish my 3 1/2 hours, so I made up a 20 minute workout, of spending a minute in every gear, 30 secs hard, 30 secs easy. It worked, and the last 5-10 minutes was just spinning the legs, and cooling down!
When I got off the bike, I noticed a river of sweat, making its way to the seating area, so I cleaned it up quick. Maurice, who was spinning by himself had setup two big towels as dams, so the sweat wouldn't run downhill! Now I know why!
I stretched, talked to Travis for a bit, then headed home. Good workout!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Double Duty Today - Thursday 9/11

Went to happy hour last night to celebrate Don's 25th. Had on beer, and dinner there, so not a healthy night.
Thursday morning, decided to go to T3 spin at 6am. I left my bike there on Tuesday, which saved me a lot of time. Got there about 5:55, and it wasn't open yet. Maurice got there right at 6am. Last time I went to a morning spin, was last year. And it was just me and Maurice, and he worked me really hard. This time, there were nearly 20 people there. Wow!
The morning spin is only 1 hour long (as opposed to 75 mins in the pm). The workout was tough, and my legs were very tired. But the workout went fast, and I spun for an additional 15 minutes. I stretched afterwards, and there were still a couple of T3'ers spinning. I left my bike there, in case the weekend got bad, and we spun indoors on Saturday.
My PM workout was 5 miles easy run. To save gas, I ran the neighborhood while my honey ran her workout. I ran the run easy. My legs were tired at the start, but felf better after about a mile. When my legs tried to go faster, I slowed to down to keep it relaxed and steady. I walked a short bit at 4 miles, but the rest of the run was good. Dee had cooked chops for AJ, and spaghetti sauce for us. When I got back from the run, AJ made a good dent in the porkchops and had eaten a 1/3 of the spaghetti sauce. So, I put the spaghetti on, and cooked some more sauce. Yum!
Two workouts today, and both were pretty good considering my legs were tired.